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 following with more or less

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PostSubject: following with more or less   following with more or less Icon_minitimeTue May 24, 2011 1:22 pm

They take tremendous leaps from Marc jacobs outlet the branches of one tree to those of another a little lower, and it is very amusing when one strong leader takes a bold jump, to see the others following with more or less trepidation and it often happens that one or two of the last seem quite unable to-make up their minds to leap till the rest are disappearing, when, as if in desperation at being left alone, they throw themselves frantically into the air, and often go crashing through the slender branches Tiffany and co outlet and fall to the ground. A very curious ape, the siamang, was also rather abundant, but it is much less bold than the Marc Jacobs monkeys, keeping to the virgin forests and avoiding villages.
This species is allied to the little long-armed apes of the genus Hylobates, but is tiffany outlet considerably larger, and differs from them by having the two first fingers of the feet united together, nearly to the end, whence its Latin name, Siamanga syndactyla. It moves much more slowly than the active Hylobates, keeping lower down in trees, and not indulging in such tremendous leaps but it is still very active, and by means of its immense long arms, five feet six inches across in an adult about three feet high, can swing itself along among the trees at a great rate. I purchased a small one, which had been caught by the natives and tied up so tightly as to hurt it.
It was rather savage at first, and tried to bite but when we had released it and given it two poles under the veranda to hang upon, securing it by a tiffany and co short cord, running along the pole with a ring, so that it could move easily, it became more contented, and would swing itself about with great rapidity. It ate almost any kind of fruit and rice, and I was in hopes to tiffany outlet have brought it to England, but it died just before I started. It took a dislike to me at first, which I tried to get over by feeding it constantly myself.
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following with more or less
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