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With Marc Jacobs land animals, however, the case is very different. Their means of passing a wide expanse of sea are far more restricted. Their distribution has been more accurately studied, and we possess a much more complete knowledge of such groups as mammals and birds in most of the islands than we do tiffany and co of the plants. It is these two classes which will supply us with most of our facts as to the geographical distribution of organized beings in this region. The number of Mammalia known to inhabit the Indo-Malay region tiffany outlet is very considerable, exceeding 170 species.
With the Marc jacobs outlet exception of the bats, none of these have any regular means of passing arms of the sea many miles in extent, and a consideration of their distribution must therefore greatly assist us in determining whether these islands have ever been connected with each other or with the continent since the epoch of existing species. The Quadrumana, or monkey tribe, form one of the most characteristic features of this region. Twenty-four distinct species are known to inhabit it, and these are distributed with tolerable uniformity over the islands, nine being found in Java, ten in the Malay Peninsula, eleven in Sumatra, and thirteen in Borneo.
The great man-like orang-utans are found only in Sumatra and Borneo the curious siamang (next to them in size) in Sumatra and Malacca the longnosed monkey only in Borneo while every island has representatives of tiffany outlet the Gibbons, or long-armed apes, and of. monkeys. The lemur-like animals, Nycticebus, Tarsius, and Galeopithecus, are found in all the islands. Seven species found on the Malay Peninsula extend also into Sumatra, four into Borneo, and three into Java while two range into Siam and Burmah, and one into North India. With the exception of the orang-utan, the siamang, the Tarsius spectrum, and the Galeopithecus, all the Malayan genera of Quadrumana are represented in India by Tiffany and co outlet closely allied species, although, owing to the limited range of most of these animals, so.few are absolutely identical.
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complete knowledge
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